netflix - tamborine campaign

Netflix specializes in providing online streaming and on-demand videos, series and documentaries to subscribers. In conjunction to their other creative campaigns, they opted to tap into mall advertising by using motion sensor digipods located within malls in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.

The aim of the Netflix campaign was to make use of motion sensor digipods to establish clear brand attribution to position Netflix as the main destination for premium stand-up comedy series, promoting the latest of “Tamborine” featuring well-known Chris Rock as the main character. The initiation was to place Netflix’s stand-up comedy at the top of entertainment “word of mouth” and gain social conversation for passer-by’s in allowing them to interact with the digipods by stepping on the clearly marked “stand here” sticker to enjoy a good laugh.

The conception of this campaign took place in February 2018 to tie in with Valentine’s Day and allowed for social interaction between people who all enjoyed a good laugh together.

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