hansa campaign

Hansa Pilsener was first launched in South Africa in 1975, although the market was not fully convinced. This broke away when Hansa re-launched their brand with a campaign that highlighted the benefits to drinking Pilsener as opposed to lager. Since then, Hansa has been seen as the upmarket beer that offered a refreshing alternative to other brands.

Mischief Media together with Lumo Media came up with a concept to show people how refreshingly different they can be if they drink Hansa. The idea initially was to capture people’s attention, especially at night on popular Long Street in Cape Town.

The billboard would then light up at night, with the use of electroluminescence from top to bottom lighting up the entire street. 

The billboard was located on Long Street, right in the middle of busy night clubs, pubs and bars which boasted consistent foot traffic especially at night. At the time, this was the largest electroluminescent installation done in South Africa. 

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