corona - this is living campaign

In conjunction with the branded paragliders, Corona also wanted to target an audience that consisted of people who tend to spend quite some time outdoors, who love adventure and are active kite surfers.

They decided to take the opportunity and tie in their campaign with HI5 Kite Surfing Academy based in Blouberg. Branded Corona kite surfers were supplied to the academy and Mystic House (upmarket accommodation on Kite Beach and home to HI5 Kite Surfing Academy) for rental and provided mass exposure to all major kite surfing days in and around the world. The campaign also tied in with social media, where all images and videos captured had at least 25% of the full Corona branding visible on the content. Should the clients wish to have this, it gets loaded on and across all the HI5 social media channels with the Corona hashtag handle of #ThisIsLiving to be shared online.

HI5 Kite Surfing Academy has successfully booked and run 416 courses x average 4 hours flight time per course = 1,664hrs of kites in the sky over December 2019 and January 2020 to date.

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